• Dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress

    While innovating and developing, Luli Group will not forget to feed back the society, pay attention to devotion, take responsibility and convey hope with love.

    • Contribution
    • Rescue
    • Devotion of love
    Recently, volunteers of Luli Aixin Public Welfare Association spontaneously set up a voluntary tire repair team and put it into operation. Volunteers wearing green volunteer uniforms shuttle in various parking places under high temperatures, providing free tire repair services for everyone, which has become a beautiful scenery in the hot summer factory area.
    It is understood that due to the high temperature in summer, the problems of electric bicycles and bicycles are increasing. In order to better serve everyone and convey the spirit of love, volunteers of Luli Aixin Public Welfare Association set up a voluntary tire repair team. Members spontaneously purchased air pump, wrench, cold patch and other maintenance tools. In order to help workers in emergency, volunteer door according to the division of work in their shift, and through Wechat, nail work group released free tire repair telephone number, providing compulsory tire repair service, has been unanimously praised by workers.
    Receiving calls from employees for help, the volunteers came to the scene as soon as they could understand the cause of the malfunction. They were busy living actively. The weather was hot, and soon the clothes of several volunteers were wet with sweat. After the trouble was solved, the volunteers said that it was worthwhile to sweat even in the hot weather, looking at the car owner's satisfied smile and listening to the car owner's sincere thanks.
    Help others, be happy with yourself, volunteer tire repair team helps workers solve many problems, but also brings them a lot of convenience. Love a little, support the public good, praise our volunteers!!!
    "One side is in difficulty, and the eight sides support it". Affected by the super heavy rainstorm of Typhoon Lichma No. 9 this year, Yingli Town suffered serious disasters, damaged villagers'houses, flooded villages and farmland, which had a great impact on villagers' production and life. Luli Group has set up an emergency rescue team under the general command of General Manager of Guopande. According to the instructions of the Organizational Department of the Municipal Party Committee, "Baobiying Yingli Town Sun Henan Village", the supervisor of Guomingbo acts as the on-site director and dispatches rescue work in order to help the victims recover their normal production and life as soon as possible and rebuild their beautiful homes. Power.
    After more than 100 people of Luli Group's emergency rescue team and 6 vehicles such as sprinklers and dumpers arrived at Sun Henan Village, they immediately docked with the relevant persons in charge of the Ancient City Street, the People's Congress Office, the Housing Provident Fund Center and the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, and coordinated excavators and high-pressure sprinklers according to the needs of disaster relief work. According to the grid, materials such as spade, broom and so on are carried out to clean up the sludge of the village committee and every street and lane, dredging and drainage work, and the efficiency of road sludge cleaning is accelerated. And coordinate the steel slag to pave the muddy road to ensure the smooth road.
    At noon, Luli Group volunteers sent 200 lunches, 20 boxes of mineral water, 10 boxes of instant noodles, 10 boxes of ham sausages and mustard pickles to Sun Henan Village to provide life support for the comrades who participated in the rescue.
    Keeping one side of the people's lives safe and helping the people in disaster areas rebuild their homes, Luli people fully carry forward the spirit of not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tiredness, all of them are united in one heart and all of them are united in their efforts to carry out post-disaster rescue and production self-rescue work, and interpret the responsibility and responsibility of "never forget the first heart, remember the mission" with practical actions.
    It is a pride and an honor to be able to use one's own blood to ignite another's hope for survival.
    During the "July 1" Party Day, Shandong Luli Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. organized Party members and cadres to show concern for public welfare and life, dedicate their love, celebrate the Party's birthday with practical actions, and present a special gift for the Party's birthday. More than 100 Party members, cadres and employees participated in the voluntary blood donation activities, the total amount of blood donation reached 36,000 ml.
    At 7 a.m. on July 1, a long line of blood donors was formed in front of the blood donation truck. Under the guidance of the medical staff on the spot, all the links before blood donation were completed in an orderly manner. There are not only new employees who donate blood for the first time, but also old comrades who persist in donating blood for many years. Everyone's face is filled with warm smiles and the blood donation car is filled with love.
    There's a lot of blood donation, and there's no limit to love. In this unpaid blood donation activity, the Party members and cadres of the company expressed their selfless dedication spirit and determination to support public welfare with practical actions, which not only embodied the fine demeanor of Luli people, but also conveyed Luli's positive energy to the society.
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